The Show Choir Family

Rachel Collins

Madrigals perform at their winter concert.

Megan Stringer, Reporter

The Madrigals, Limelight, and A Cappella: all together they make up Lindbergh’s show choirs. Coached by Mrs. Swearingen (Music Department), they went to perform in Branson in March, and have opened for groups like The Six.

“Although we haven’t competed in a long time, we’re still a sort of dysfunctional family. All the people involved are fun to be around. Our show choir groups perform at private parties and concerts opposed to actual show choir competitions, and that’s how we get our name around. Once we performed at the zoo, and someone there liked us so we performed at their Christmas party as well,” said Swearingen.

So why hasn’t Lindbergh’s show choirs competed lately?

“Well, I recently lost my assistant, so we haven’t been able to compete as much as everyone would like to. But if I can ever get another assistant, competing is a definite possibility. We have the same costumes every year, but picking out songs is fun; we can just use whatever we want, usually something fun,” said Swearingen.

So keep checking the website for news of any show choir performances, and check them out sometime!

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