Becoming Masters

Rachel Collins

Orchestra following along to their music.

Sara Williams, Yearbook Copy Editor

This year’s Masterworks performaces took lots of preparation and practice.

Every two years, the Symphony Orchestra and A Cappella Choir get together to perform a Masterwork which is Shubert’s Mass in G. In addition to numerous class time rehearsals and sectionals for each different part in which the orchestra and choir were apart, there was an 8th hour rehearsal as well as two hour rehearsals during the day.

For first time members of A Cappella, the Masterwork was not what they expected.

“This is my first time working with the orchestra, it’s pretty exciting,” said Leah Bell (10). “I’ve never done a mass before.”

Shubert’s Mass in G held a duration of a little over half an hour where the orchestra and choir combined to perform in front of parents and faculty. There were only two returning members that had previously done a Masterwork, Samantha Jones (12) and Kellen Hope (12).

Kellen Hope switched voice parts for the Masterwork as opposed to the one two years ago.

“It wasn’t really that different, but the Masterwork is always enjoyable,” said Hope.

After much preparation for the performance on the 15th of November, the Symphony Orchestra and A Cappella choir moved on to practice their holiday music to entertain in December.

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