A Nook For Your Book

Rachel Collins

The library now has the opportunity for students to check out Nooks.

Julia Wurthmann

Mirela Husejinovic, Husejinovic

Remember the days when you had to roam around the library looking for one particular book, and doing so could take an entire class period? Well, those days are over because there’s a Nook for your book.

Recently, Lindbergh High School bought 30 Nooks that are wifi accessible and include numerous apps, such as Pandora, Sudoku, chess, etc. The Nooks will help students access class information. Not only will they allow students the opportunity of reading books, but they will also provide access to the internet as well.

The Lindbergh High School library is following the trend of advancing technology.

“The library is moving to more electronic books to keep up with technology. We are offering students the possibility of checking out e-books,” said Mindy Siefert (LHS Librarian).

The process for checking out a Nook is very straightforward and simple. Before anything, the student needs to have a permission slip signed by a parent, allowing them the opportunity to check out a Nook. Then the library allows a maximum of two weeks for the student to have it in their possession. The student can also have up to 3 books checked out at one time without any late fees depending on how old the book is. If a Nook has been damaged or lost, there is $235 replacement fee.

As students head off to college, having a Nook/e-book will be more convenient than carrying around tons of books.  Also, if one is reading several books at a time, now they will have the ability to have them all on their Nook instead of carrying each one.

Click here for Lindbergh’s eLibrary

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