Prom Ticket Sales Start Next Week

Rachel Collins

Prom Ticket

Shannon Wood, Copy Editor

What’s more important than figuring out an adorable way to ask a date to prom? Figuring out when to buy the tickets. Prom tickets are a little bit more tricky to buy than other dance tickets.

It costs $70 per ticket on Wednesday, March 14th. On Thursday, March 15th the tickets will sell for $80 apiece.

They will be sold from 1:25 to 3:30 on Wednesday and from 2:25 to 3:30 on Thursday. No tickets will be sold after the 15th.

Ticket sellers ask for cash only in exact change, that all fines are paid before trying to buy, and that all permission forms to be completed and approved before purchasing the tickets. Only juniors and seniors are allowed to buy tickets.

Students who follow the instructions carefully will be rewarded with an unforgettable night at prom.

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