Snow day or a waste of a day?

Rachel Collins

Snow globe

Ellie Hake, Reporter

You’re all cuddled up in your warm bed as the alarm rings. After finally rising from under the warm covers, you peek out the window to see snow covered winter wonderland outside. Quickly, you flip the TV on to the news station to find that Lindbergh High School has a snow day.

The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Some students believe that snow days are a waste of time and that they can make it to school in the weather. In addition, many students dislike making them up at the end of the year because there were too many snow days.

However, in most students’ cases snow days are ideal. They give students an extra day to relax and do things they didn’t have time to do. It’s a chance to get that unfinished work done from the night before.

“Snow days are helpful because I have more time to do my homework and not feel as rushed,” said Jackie Butz (11).

Also, snow days make students’ lives a lot easier by not being worried about the slick roads. Snow days make chances of getting into accidents a lot less likely. Especially for those who live farther than others.

“I live in Fenton and Gravois has a lot of traffic anyway, but on snowy days it can be very dangerous. Especially because I live on a hill,” said Jackie Butz (11).

Getting to school on snowy or icy days is a big worry for some students, making the day off extremely enjoyable. On the other hand, some students want snow days to simply have a great time.

“They are amazing because it’s your chance to act like a little kid again…I love going sledding, making snow angels, and so on. Snow days are definitely not a waste of time,” said Hannah Schnoring (12).

Overall, the student body votes for snow days. They can be a major stress reliever for students and teachers at LHS. Whether you spend the day doing homework and relaxing, or going out in the snow and playing, it is certainly pleasurable.

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