John Carter Preview

Shelby Bultman

Rachael Meara (9) believes John Carter "has plenty of action and violence to satisfy a large group of people."

Walt Disney Pictures

Laura Rottman, Reporter

Based on the book A Princess of Mars, John Carter premieres in movie theaters on March 9 and tells the story of how former Captain John Carter is transported to Mars. Conflict occurs between the leaders of various planets. Carter decides to try to save Mars and its inhabitants, which are dying from the lack of water on the planet.

“I’m excited for John Carter because it looks like an action movie that you can see with your friends. I leave the thought-filled movies for when I am alone because I don’t want people talking when I’m trying to listen. John Carter probably has plenty of action and violence to satisfy a large group of people,” said Rachael Meara (9).

The movie is directed by Andrew Stanton, who also directed Finding Nemo, and WALL-E.

Reviews so far for the movie have been mostly positive, receiving 10 out of 14 positive votes on “Rotten Tomatoes”. It was also rated 4/5 stars from IGN Movies and Digital Spy.

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