Teacher Spotlight: David Early

Andrew McMunn

David Early combines two of his interests as an art teacher: counseling students and art.

Andrew McMunn, Sports Editor

Having been an art teacher at Lindbergh High school for 13 years, it’s easy to see that David Early has a passion for art.

His passion developed when he was in high school, which was Lindbergh High School, and followed him all the way to Mizzou. Once there, Early became involved in the art program, which involved not just creating artwork, but showcasing it in exhibitions as well.

However, at the exhibitions he helped put on, the artwork was not the only thing that stood out.

“We often had  live musical acts with college DJs and bands put on shows for the people at the exhibitions,” said Early.

Early later joined the volunteer college radio station. During his earlier years at Mizzou, he would train with a DJ for the first semester and take on larger responsibilities the second semester, such as run the station between the hours of two and six in the morning.

In his junior year of college, Early began to take charge in training the incoming students in the ways of the DJ.

“The radio station was really good for educational purposes, too, because I had to oversee the program and set up people to organize the DJs,” said Early.

The radio station also acted as a doorway that introduced Early to a number of avant-garde musical performances he had not been familiar with.

“I remember a band called Brainiac, which was like nothing I had heard before because I had been listening to hardcore and punk and this was much more experimental,” said Early.

Now, as an art teacher, Early’s experiences working with the radio station allowed him to become a better teacher and educate others using the things he loves most: art and music.

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