Teacher Spotlight: Sharon Henry

Rachel Collins

Sharon Henry teaches math.

Grace Thurmond, Reporter

Understanding, nice, smart, hard-working, caring. These are only a few of the qualities that make up a good teacher. So which Lindbergh High School teacher displays these qualities the most?

In the opinion of many students, Mrs. Henry is the perfect example.

“Mrs. Henry is a great teacher because she is nice and strict at the same time. She pushed me to my full potential while being there for me when I didn’t understand,” said Emily Waters (12).

Every teacher wants their students to succeed, but Mrs. Henry takes it upon herself to help each student do so.

“At first I was overwhelmed in Mrs. Henry’s class because I thought she was way too strict, but after just one week I realized that I actually understood the math she taught and I enjoyed her class a lot. She’s a great teacher,” said Amer Jasarevic (12).

It’s obvious that Mrs. Henry knows her stuff, and she displays all of the qualities a good teacher has to offer. She’s strict enough to make sure her students learn the material, and understanding enough to make sure that they will succeed. Mrs. Henry truly works hard for the well-being of her students, and it’s no surprise that she is one of the Lindbergh students’ favorite teachers!

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