Frank’s Hair Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Brooke Swift

Frank's mom is excited,yet shocked by the whole idea of her son appearing on national television.

Brooke Swift, Staff Writer

Lindbergh High School’s very own graduate, Frank Albenesius, will be starring on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this Friday, January 11, 2013. The reason  for his appearance on this nationally aired talk show are Frank’s multiple YouTube videos titled “Franks Hair.”

In his hit videos, Albenesius is seen making funny facials such as wrinkling his forehead up and down, proceeding to make it look as if his hair is moving back and forth, making hand gestures while raising one eyebrow up and the other down, much like the well known wrestler “The Rock.” Frank’s YouTube videos began in 2010 and have gone viral.

When making the videos, Frank had no intentions of them going big, but unexpectedly he saw that his videos had received thousands of views on YouTube, and was told that one particular video was number one on Soon after his videos went big in early 2012, Frank began getting many calls from television shows. Not only has he gotten calls from Jay Leno, but also The Today Show.

While talking to his mother, Cathy Albenesius (Personal Services Director),told us she could not be more proud of her son.

“It’s crazy, but I am so excited for him and his 15 minutes of fame,” Albenesius said.

Albenesius  also described that Frank started making these crazy, yet hilarious videos in middle school.

“When we would attend his band concerts, Frank wouldn’t know exactly where my husband and I would be sitting, so when he pointed us out in the crowd, he’d do the forehead motions. That was his thing,” Albenesius said.

As for now, Frank, who is now a student at Missouri State, couldn’t be happier to be traveling around to talk about his world-wide known YouTube videos. Be sure to tune in on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 10:35pm central time to see our own Lindbergh alumnus enjoy his international recognition on “The Tonight Show,” with Jay Leno, for his admired YouTube videos.

Frank performing his unique hair trick

Albenesius Visit to Tonight Show a Success

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