Cheap Valentines Date Ideas

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Cheap Valentines Date Ideas

Adam Usry, Staff Writer

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Imagine: A perfect Valentine’s day with your bae, the weather is nice and shiny, and bae is happy because you’re headed to Olive Garden to eat a couple of those tasty bread sticks. But as you pull out your wallet, you realize that the perfect date you had in mind isn’t going to work out exactly as planned. Many people are wondering the same thing, “Where will I go”? Since Valentine’s day is coming up, here are some of the “Do’s, Don’ts and Definitely don’t go there’s”

         “It just depends on how you deliver the date. If the date is awful and it was cheap, then it’s a bad date, but if it was a good date and it was also cheap then it makes it okay,” Aj Nanna (11) said.  

         According to Aj, anybody can go have an amazing time with their significant other and still have it be free, or extremely cheap. The date never has to be expensive, because it just depends on how well the couple can hold the conversation together (plus other factors). One specific place that is relatively cheap, is White Castle which holds a Valentine’s day tradition every year in certain spots they will set up tablecloths and several different things, though the catch is that you should definitely reserve a table before going. On the subject of White Castle and its tradition, one student had to say,

        “I think it’s really funny and also kind of cute too,” Jean-Luc DeCoster (11) said.

        Most of the time, people view fast food restaurants as places on the “Don’ts” list but one specific place was mentioned on multiple occasions that would fall under the, “Definitely don’t go there’s”. McDonalds. Even on those days where you don’t have money to treat your bae right, steer clear of this place. The reputation, food, and general aura of this building is cheap, but not in a good connotation.

        “For a date, it’s not necessarily going somewhere, but you have someone over and go on a picnic,” Georgia DeCoster (9) said.

        For a literally priceless moment, many people like Georgia have been on dates where you don’t pay anything but time with your significant other.

        Many students already know the “Don’ts” and “Definitely don’t go there’s” but what about the “Do’s”? Not all dates should cost money. Several of the places that are great for dates are areas such as Forest Park. Art Hill in front of the Art Museum as well as The Loop are very great places to walk around and talk with your date. Keep in mind it doesn’t hurt to show your date you care by taking them to a place that does cost money. The one place most people think of is a restaurant or food place in general. Although this is fine, other places like a movie theatre is often forgotten.


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