What’s New in The Lou?

Teachers explain differences they notice between STL and their Hometown

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What’s New in The Lou?

Thomas Floyd, Staff Writer

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A lot of us grew up in St.Louis, so we only know what it is like to live in the STL. The culture, food, events, and everyday life isn’t new to us because we only know what it is like to live in the Lou. However, there are some people who are not from here and notice a few differences between here and where they moved from.

Danielle DuHadway (Social Studies Department) is one of the history teachers at LHS who isn’t from St. Louis. She is from Chicago, the third biggest city in the United States. One of the biggest differences Mrs. DuHadway experienced while growing up in Chicago was people didn’t make it a big deal about what high school you attended.

“People are not obsessed with where you went to high school. That’s not a thing in Chicago because almost everyone went to public school. When I came to St.Louis and everybody would ask me where I went to high school, I didn’t really understand,” DuHadway said.

The Social Studies teacher recalled the first time she was asked the question where she went to school.

“I said I was going to Truman State University because I thought they were asking me about my college. I didn’t understand why they would be asking about my high school. It’s not a thing at all to ask what high school you went to in Chicago,” Duhadway said.

Another teacher who grew up elsewhere in Missouri is Julie Durham (Business Department). Growing up in Columbia, Missouri she says one of the biggest differences was the things they could do around town.

“Columbia is a small town and we didn’t really have a lot to do like there is in St. Louis. We didn’t have the Cardinals, we didn’t have the City Museum, we didn’t have all the attractions in Columbia that St. Louis has to offer,” Durham said.

We may one day get to experience living in a different big city or living in a small town, but for now we will keep having fun and gaining new experiences in STL.

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