Tide Pods: The Next Foodie Craze?

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Tide Pods: The Next Foodie Craze?

Sydney Marino, Staff Writer

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Over the past few years, millenials have had their fair share of popular, internet ‘challenges,’ from attempting to swallow spoonfuls of cinnamon to burning their arms with salt and ice. The latest trend is called the “Tide Pod Challenge”.

After multiple memes blew up all over various social media platforms joking about eating Tide Pods (a small pouch that contains laundry detergent), a terrifying amount of reports arose of people being hospitalized for ingesting the chemical products found in the pods. So why are people, mainly children and teens but also a number of adults, taking part in this obviously idiotic craze?

The idea of ‘eating a Tide Pod’ of course started as a joke but once the media got ahold of the idea that teens were posting videos of them usually acting like they were “eating” the pod or more times than not just biting into the pod and spitting out the detergent, did it actually become an issue. Experts warn of the serious dangers to one’s health if the detergent is ingested or even just inhaled.

Although the effects of the detergent are very real the Internet as well as Lindbergh Students have used the irresponsible actions of those participating in the challenge to their own humorous advantage.

“I used the Tide Pod challenge as the basis for an English project where I was suppose to create my own piece of satire, so I baked cookies and iced them to look like the pods. For the class I had to display me eating the cookies to enhance the irony of those who attempted to eat the actual pods,” Gus Ortwerth (12) said.

The reality is that most people taking part in this challenge are unaware that even though they are spitting out the detergent that it’s okay and it [Tide Pod] won’t harm them but it in fact will. After multiple videos were posted to YouTube depicting people acting as if they were going to eat the pods, YouTube decided that enough is enough and permanently removed all videos in relation to the pods. So what would happen if someone was to come into contact with the harmful chemicals found in the pod?

“The detergent is highly concentrated and they will start to burn your esophagus as well as burning your stomach, causing severe reactions as well as intense vomiting,” Jim Denner (Science Department) said.

After a couple of weeks this trend will be replaced with another crazy challenge, but until then, please restrain from the urge to eat a Tide Pod, regardless of how tasty they look.


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