Freshman Achieves Greatness

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Freshman Achieves Greatness

Marissa Callahan, Staff Writer

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Freshman Fries Future – This Kid is Going Places

Last week, freshman Riley Adams succeeded in shoving 79 fries in his mouth. The majority of students present during 2nd lunch were able to witness this undeniable feat. One student even came over and squirted two ketchup packets on the fries, while several other students captured history by taking photos. This seemingly normal kid became famous with stretchy cheeks, determination, and a whole lot of fries.  

“I don’t know. I was bored at lunch, so I thought maybe I should do something interesting,” Riley Adams (9) said when asked where his inspiration came from.  

While he is proud of his achievement, the thrill may be short lived. He says 79 fries is enough for him; there is no need to try again for 80.

“Well, I would’ve done 80. I could do it again and do 80, but 79 seemed like enough. It’s a good number,” Adams said.  

This is not his first experience with storing food in his absurdly stretchy mouth. He experimented with fries twice before reaching 79. He also conquered 150 stick pretzels at a party, although he is still unsure if he will continue trying out other foods. So far, he has only used long, slender shaped foods. Maybe next time he could try grapes because, as he mentioned, he has no fear of choking.  This student is ruthless and hardcore when it comes to sticking food in his mouth. Who can blame him, everybody needs something to make their day a little more interesting.  

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