Outfits of the Week (OOTW)

Jessica Belle Kramer, Staff Writer

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Fashion at Lindbergh High School

Pictured above is Jenna Mueller (11) sporting a cute cat-patterned t-shirt paired with black shorts and black vans. She wore the t-shirt to express her immense love for cats and she loves spending time with her own pet cats, Max and Jack.

“I have two cats, Max and Jake, they’re polar opposites of each other. Max has a small head and a big body, while Jake has a big head and a small body. Max is also white with black spots, while Jake has stripes and some spots. The only similarity is that they have similar markings on their tale,” Mueller said.

Sporting the maroon dress is Jillian Bommarito (11). She wore the flared red dress, which she got from T.J. Maxx, and decorative black sandals for our school holiday, non-casual Thursday. She also wore it for extra credit in Anatomy and to look cute to celebrate her 17th birthday.

“It’s non-casual Thursday, so my Anatomy teacher, Mr. Denner, gives us two points extra credit for dressing up. It’s also my birthday today,” Bommarito said.

Lastly, Lizzy Pearly (12) is pictured wearing wearing a black, flared peplum skirt from Charlotte Russe, paired with a black top with a lace pattern in the back from Kohl’s. To top off her outfit, Pearly wore a few Jewelry pieces: a heart necklace one of her friends gave Pearly for her 17th birthday and dangly cross earrings from Claire’s. Pearly wanted to look nice for non-casual Thursday.

“It’s non-casual Thursday, so I wanted to dress nice for that. I chose the earrings to go with it because my friends convinced me they look good with the outfit, and I’d have to agree. I also wore the necklace my friend gave it to me for my birthday last year,” Pearly said.

Throughout Lindbergh High School students express themselves through fashion in many different ways; from showing their love for cats to dressing up to celebrate their birthday.

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