Sky Zone in Fenton Grand Opening Review

Isabella Romines, Web Master

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When they say “the sky’s the limit,” at Sky Zone, they are not kidding. The world’s first ever indoor trampoline park has turned into everyone’s favorite atmosphere for fun fitness. Customers can play dodgeball, shoot hoops, or simply dive into hundreds of foam cubes. The newest SkyZone just opened up not far from LHS in Fenton earlier this month

At the Sky Zone in Fenton specifically they offer three full size dodge ball courts, an open jump court, sky slam, and foam zone. The newest additions include their challenge zone, where visitors can joust standing on two bubbles and the last one standing wins. Also known as, “King of the Joust.” The slackline is also included in the challenge zone, where challengers must try to balance on a flat rope to get from one side to the other.

Jim Winslow, the venue’s Business Manger is most excited about the new zones.

“The trick for anyone that’s going to do it is just to look straight and go,” Winslow said.


Sky Zone is also the second park in the country to offer Sky Hoops, a team game ranging from one on one to four on four where competitors jump and try to score in the opponent’s basket. Similar to this is Sky Slam, where competitors have three different sized basketball hoops to use.


“If I had to pick just one, I honestly couldn’t pick because they’re all great, all innovative, and all promote active, healthy, fun which is what we’re trying to achieve here at Sky Zone”, Winslow said.


Not only does Sky Zone offer these activities, but also has programs popular to teens like Jumpapalooza and SkyJam. These are offered on Friday and Saturday nights where anyone can jump for two hours (9-11pm) for only $15. A perfect party spot where guests can jump with their friends while a DJ plays and disco lights pump you up.

Weekends booked? Sky Zone also offers “student night” which is every thursday where you bring your student ID and can have a $5 jump.


Another great opportunity presented at Sky Zone is that they are continuously taking applications for jobs. Students can apply online on their website, working from any spot as a cashier, to a court guard/monitor. There are also openings  to be an event or party host, which is said to never be dull as they are always booking events.


“Our opening weekend we did thirty-four parties in just two days,” Winslow said.


Employee benefits include free jumping on their day off, and they can bring in a friend for 50% off.

At SkyZone, there are limitless options of fun things to do, and guests can excercise while doing so. With the numerous programs and activities, there’s something for everyone.


“When you come into SkyZone it’s all about you. And it’s awesome, healthy, fun,” Winslow said.


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