OOTW (Outfit of the Week)

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OOTW (Outfit of the Week)

Jessica Belle Kramer, Staff Writer

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Fashion Across Lindbergh High School

All over Lindbergh High School various students wear unique clothing because they relish being able to express themselves through the art of fashion.

Kevin McMurray wore jeans and a grey t-shirt with a floral design at the bottom from Pacsun paired with Vans. He makes sure he puts in the effort everyday to look fashionable.

“I’m a very conscious person, so it’s worth it to put in the extra time in the morning to look nice. It does a lot more than help me feel confident, it’s who I am,” Ryan McMurray (12) said.

Fashion helps McMurray with more than just his confidence, it’s helped him find him find himself, while also being a confidence-booster.

Lauren Greiner wore sky-blue jeans from Wet Seal, a shirt from the Gap, and a cream-colored cardigan from Goodwill. Greiner admits she gets a lot of her clothes from thrift stores.

“I got this cardigan from Goodwill, I go there quite a lot. I actually really like thrift shopping and I’ve gotten most of my wardrobe from thrift stores; the clothes there are nifty,” Lauren Greiner (10) said.

Greiner finds it enjoyable to go thrift shopping for cute clothes that also boost her confidence.

“My clothes emphasize my creativity and it really helps my self-confidence knowing that I look cute while expressing myself.,” Lauren Greiner said.

Greiner has a passion for finding cute clothes at thrift stores to keep her confidence up and herself on fleek.

John Romer wore a grey shirt, black jeans, and white shoes, all from Vans. His immense distaste for sportswear leads him to dress nicely on the daily.

“I like to dress nice because I really don’t like sportswear, especially Nike. I just don’t see the appeal and it seems basic to me,” John Romer (11) said.

Sportswear is popular amongst teenagers, so avoiding it helps Romer to stand out and feel confident.

Every Lindbergh Student has their own sense of style and this collection of fashionable, trendy students’ whose main goal in dressing up is standing out so that they can feel fresh and confident.


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