It’s Snow Problem

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It’s Snow Problem

Lelah Schneider, Staff Writer

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This Year’s Winter Formal Theme Sparks Discussion Among Students

“I’m glad that the school picked this theme,” said one anonymous freshman, “because I already have a Club Penguin costume hanging in my closet.”

These are two phrases that would never be put together. But for this year’s winter formal, the theme defies the norm. Last year’s theme was the USA-centric “Dancing With the Stars and Stripes,” a creative idea in its own right. But this year, Lindbergh is going all out: the name is “Ice-BERGH Bash,” and the theme is, yes, Club Penguin.

“We all thought the theme was proposed as a joke! I honestly couldn’t believe it when we voted it into the running,” said Abbey Friedmann (10), a member of the Lindbergh Student Council, or “Stuco.”

The student council members were divided on whether or not the theme would be a success. Some, like Friedmann, would have chosen a more serious theme. But others fully support the theme, testifying that Winter Formal exists so that students can have fun. What better way to have fun than to revisit the participants’ childhoods?

Whether or not students agree on the theme, however, seems to have little to no impact on the choice to go.

“I really think that the theme should have been Hollywood. But – I’m still going, because I want to spend time with my boyfriend,” another anonymous student said.

Meanwhile, the experiences of students like Kayla Tennessen (10) are almost the opposite.

“It’s a cute theme, and I definitely think people will have fun. I won’t be going, though; I feel like the winter formal should be more casual,” Tennessen said.

The problem many people find, however, is that the formal isn’t publicized enough. Payten Jarvis (12), for instance, said that the formal seems fun, but where are the posters that were hung up on every wall for Homecoming?  Where are the spiels about the dance coming over the speaker during morning announcements? One student, when asked, didn’t even know what the so-called “Ice-BERGH Bash” was.

In any case, however, the winter formal is bound to be a great time for those in attendance.

“I love it. This year’s theme is so unique, and I think other schools would be really surprised. I had a lot of fun last year, too, especially since the winter formal was much less crowded than Homecoming. I really wish I could go!” Tara Mazurek (10) said.

Tickets for the formal, which will take place from 6:30-10:30 on February 20, cost $12. We hope to see you there!

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