Curfew on the Weekend? But Mom, it Was a School Dance!

Review of the First LHS Dollar Dance

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Curfew on the Weekend? But Mom, it Was a School Dance!

Jake Wendel, Staff Writer

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On August 19, following the Varsity Football victory over Oakville, Lindbergh Student Council organized a late night dance to celebrate coming back to school. The cost of the dance: one dollar. Many students from all grade levels made their way to Gym 3 following the win decked out in Hawaiian attire.

The event lasted from 10:30 pm to midnight, and as the dance continued, the amount of attendees kept increasing, resulting in a fairly packed section of the gym by the end. According to Student Council President Lili Puhar (12), almost 500 students were recorded at the dance, a higher turnout than most Winter Formals.

“It went great. There was an awesome turn out for it being a first time event and I really think it got a lot of underclassmen involved and having a good first football game experience,” Puhar said.

As far as crowd favorites go, Puhar had little doubt of what elicited the best reactions.

“The throwback songs had a lot of good responses,” Puhar said.

Where did the idea behind the dollar dance come from? The wonderful mind of Student Council member Maddy Green (12). After the preposition of a school “mixer” during a StuCo meeting last year, Green took the idea and ran with it.

“I really wanted the chair [to put on the dance] because [other schools] like Fox and Rockwood Summit have dollar dances so I figured it would be dope,” Green said.

The dance itself has received amazing feedback from the students who attended, with many students asking when the next dance after a football game will be. Even if students do not have another spontaneous Friday night dance in the program this year, at the very least, it appears that LHS has a new tradition for years to come.

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