Student Spotlight: Cody Sasse

Master of Music

Ayu Lockos, Staff Writer

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While most students are just arriving to school, LHS student Cody Sasse (12) has already started with his day at 6:40 a.m. for marching band. Sasse is one of the very few students who commits himself to all of the three music classes Lindbergh High School has to offer; Band, Choir, and Orchestra.

“I like music classes. I would rather take music classes rather than classes I do not enjoy” Sasse said.

It is obvious Sasse is quite ardent towards music considering his first five periods of the day all consists of music.

“Music classes do not  really require much time at home, but it can really work my brain at school” Sasse said.

Although Juggling his classes can be a struggle from time to time, Sasse knows it will pay off in the end. Though he’s exposed to a variety of musical curriculum, Sasse seems so enjoy his diverse share of music classes.

“I truly do not have a favorite among the three. Although marching band is one of the best things I’ve ever been apart of, I will always be a little partial to choir because that’s where I started” Sasse said.

With Sasse’s obvious devotion to music he plans on pursuing in his fondness for musicality.

“Music is just my passion. I definitely plan on music being apart of my future. I would like to double major in music and music therapy, and a minor in music production possibly” Sasse said.

Sasse dreams of attending The University of Evansville in Indiana for their music program.

“I would not dream of doing anything other than music” Sasse said.

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