Falling for Fall Fashion

Camryn Kopp, Staff Writer

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As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature drops, it is apparent that autumn is drawing near. With any new season, many adjustments must take place in the closets of students everywhere. New styles will take hold this year and old trends will vanish. What are students at LHS going to be seen wearing this fall?

Lydia Burkett (9) describes what she loves to wear during this highly adored season.

“My favorite things to wear in the fall are jeans, jackets, and leggings,” Burkett said.

She continues by describing her appreciation for the alluring hues that the next three months will bring.

“Dark colors are a must-wear, I really love them,” Burkett said.

Girls are not the only ones who will be enjoying the fashion of autumn. Silvio Bertarelli (10) shares Burkett’s love of the seasonal earth tones like brown and dark green. He also has similar ideas about what he will soon be wearing.

“I really like sweaters, my army jacket, and jean jackets.” Bertarelli said.

Many students, however, will have disparate tastes in apparel for this fall. While an abundant number of teens love the warm, fleece boots that can be found in a multitude of colors and styles, Bertarelli had little to say about the topic.

“Avoid Uggs,” Bertarelli said.

Burkett also had a contrary opinion about the well-liked, fuzzy neckwear seen everywhere during autumn.

“Everyone likes infinity scarves, but I personally hate them,” Burkett said.

Styles around the LHS campus can vary tremendously from student to student. This autumn, everything from layer upon layer to a simple sweater will showcase students’ love for the remarkable fall season.

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