Survival of the IB Assassin

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Survival of the IB Assassin

Ayu Lockos, Staff Writer

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IB students have been running around in order to survive their massive game of “assassin,” a traditional party game where all the players go against each other and try to tag one another out and earn the winning title of “the assassin.”

The popularity of the game arose from the IB students of LHS.

“We introduced the idea, but Dr. Cooper organized it,” Shalaka Nimmgadda (12) said.

Although IB students take on challenging and time consuming classes, it does not stop them from having fun.

“The point was just to have fun as an IB class,” Pratyay Bishnupuri (12) said.

Bishnupuri was very successful in the amount of casualties he was able to acquire during the game.

“I got out Angela Mungamuri, Shalaka Nimmgadda, Anna Garcia and Tessa Sottile. When I had to kill Anna, she saw me ahead of time, so then I hid behind a door for like five minutes and then when I saw her come from around the door, I was able to tag her. She was really surprised,” Bishnupuri said.

Although this game was just meant for a little break from education, some of the IB students took the liberty of putting intense thought and clever touches into strategizing their plans of attack, and included outside Lindbergh citizens such as teachers and other non- IB students.

“I actually helped someone get someone else killed; I pulled the student out in the hallway to talk to them about a ‘recommendation letter’ so someone else could get them out. But it got ruined because another student texted them to not go in the hall with me,” Karen Kershaw (Math Department) said.

Non-IB student Jimmy Michels (11) was also utilized in the big game of assassin.

“I helped Spencer Levi (12) by acting like I was in yearbook and then asking Ann Monroe (Science Department) if I could interview Ava Raymond (12), and when she came out to the hall, Levi tagged her,” Michels said.

Kaitlyn Crutchley (12) was the winner of the whimsical game of assassin. Although the game is over now, they plan on reviving the game again in the near future.

“We wanna keep the game going every month or two,” Bishnupuri said.

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