Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

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Best and Worst Christmas Gifts

Natalie Evans, Staff Writer

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The season of gift giving is a time to show appreciation for loved ones. The presents that are received are special in their own way, or they can be painfully misinterpreted. Each Christmas season is filled with the good, the bad, and the plain awkward gifts. Unfortunately, students at LHS have fallen victim to these unexpected gifts. Other students have been lucky, their Christmas holidays filled with gifts that are memorable.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost for gift giving. There are always the over the top gifts that will make an impression that will last for years. Minori Utakata (10) received a gift that will literally last for a very long time.

“Three years ago, my parents surprised me with a little puppy. I remember being so surprised and happy. I just cuddled it all Christmas morning,” Ubukata said.

Unfortunately, not all students are as lucky as Ubukata. For every spectacular Christmas gift, there are always a few less than exciting presents around. Dayle Zimmerman (9) was one of the unlucky ones, stuck with a disappointing gift, that made her feel not so special.

“A couple of years ago, I got a very bad present from my grandma. It was a used puzzle that she had at her house. I knew this because I had put it together before,” Zimmerman said.

Other gifts are not necessarily awful, but the unfortunate situations are what really makes them unwanted. Sarah Dooling (10) experienced a Christmas morning not just filled with presents, but with another unusual presence.

“On Christmas morning a few years ago, I was opening a gift from my parents. As I was about to open the gift, my dog came with a dead bird and placed it on my present. I didn’t end up opening the rest of the gift, I just ended up throwing it away,” Dooling said.  

Since buying gifts for loved one is a special part of the holiday season, always make sure to give a gift they will be sure to love. Gifts are not the most important part of the Christmas season, at the end of the day being with the ones you love is most  important.

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