Lindbergh Besties

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Lindbergh Besties

Brooke Richeson, Writer

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Lindbergh High School is not just a place for new friendships, but a place for old friends to continue the relationship. Many students at LHS get to see their best friend everyday, however, not just for students, for teachers too. Mrs. Rapp and Ms. Stevens have been friends since college, they lived in same dorm house, across from each other. Since then, their friendship has grown.

“I was living in Utah after I graduated, I was deciding what I was going to do with my life and she texted me and asked what degree I had gotten and where I would see myself in five years. I was like Carrie, stop trying to set me up on a dating website, I’m not interested. But she told me there was a job opening in her previous job, so I agreed and told her I would come get interviewed because I was coming in town for a wedding. I got the job and took it,” Jackie Stevens (English Department) said.  

Distance is always a struggle in a friendship; however, getting to see your best friend everyday is helpful, especially working with your best friend.

“I love having my best friend at work because I can go to someone and talk to them when I need to rant, I know someone has my back. It’s also awesome because she will bring me coffee and treats,” Carrie Rapp (English Department) said.

Best friends make everyone’s life a little better, but being in a stressful place where your best friend can help you destress is very useful.

“Mrs. Rapp is awesome because if I need anything or any advice, I can call her extension, also I can just pop in her room and talk to her whenever I want. Also, when my lacrosse team won their first game she got me coffee and a note. It’s just nice because we all have our friends at school, but none of them would go out of the way for me,” Stevens said.

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