Fixer Upper

Sydney Marino, Staff Writer

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Fix-Ups Needed Around Lindbergh, From Leaky Sinks to Broken Desks

1951: The year that Lindbergh High School was built, a loaf of bread cost only 16 cents, Robin Williams was born, and the infamous Catcher in the Rye was released. Fast forward to 2017 where many students and teachers would agree, the last time Lindbergh looked new was the same year FDR was president.
Increasingly popular among students are home improvement shows, such as Fixer Upper, and many students would agree that Chip and Joanna Gaines should find time to make the trip to South County St. Louis. From small touch-ups to major demos, the list of improvement needs at LHS continues to grow.
Most students would agree that there are plenty of areas that could benefit from a little touch up.
“The staircase (near the end of the 20s hallway) needed to be fixed for a while and that never happened, the bathrooms are disgusting, and a lot of the desks are falling apart,” Andrew Fassler (10) said.
Obviously not everything can be or will be fixed, due to budgetary limitations, but it was surprising to learn what the students believe to be essential fixes. Many agreed that the bathrooms were a problematic area when asked what are some major fixes that need to be made.
“For sure the girls bathrooms could be improved, especially the ones in the 10s hallway and the Math Building because when you walk in, the sinks are always running and there’s water everywhere,” Ellie Marchi (12) said.
Other students also agreed with Marchi.
“When I’m trying to go the bathroom and the door doesn’t even lock and when I’m going (to the bathroom) the door opens, so it’s just a little awkward,” Carly Boccardi (11) said.
According to students the bathrooms are not the only issue, there are other fix ups that are rather obvious.
“Most of the desks in my classes are super old and falling apart,” Boccardi said.
Although most of these are small touch ups, there are also some major demos to be made, as the Gaines’ would say. The Math Building for example, needs some extensive rehab.
“Maybe just tear it [the Math Building] down and rebuild it, because it seems to already be falling apart. The ceilings leak, it’s always either super cold or super hot, and I heard last year there was an ant infestation in Mrs. Gelven’s room,” Marchi said
From the Math Building to bathrooms, it’s pretty evident that there are some structural and cosmetic alterations to be made. So students of Lindbergh it may be time to pick up that hard hat and sledgehammer and get ready for some demo, hopefully we can tune in to HGTV and catch Lindbergh on the next episode of Fixer Upper.

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