Path to the Next Four Years

Explanation of the Simplistic yet Stressful Process that is College Applications

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Path to the Next Four Years

Sydney Marino, Staff Writer

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With college around the corner, many seniors are feeling the pressures of preparing for the next four years. Applying for college can be a stressful process, from deciding where to apply to sending in transcripts, it can, at times, be rather lengthy and arduous. Depending on what school one decides to apply to, there are different requirements for each school. For example, Washington University requires a minimum score of 32 on the ACT, whereas Missouri State University only requires a 21.

Seniors are now beginning to start the journey from application deadlines to housing and scholarship cut offs, senior to-do lists continue to grow. Most schools have rather simple yet drawn-out processes in order to complete their applications.

Starting with a preliminary questionnaire of one’s basic information, students need to then completing the basics of the application. There are more rigorous tasks one must accomplish in order to successfully complete the process. Each student must enter each senior year course including the grade received, as well as submitting their high school transcript.

“The application wasn’t difficult after entering and filling everything out, it just took some time and patience. After applying to one school, the process was quicker when applying to other schools,” Kate Daus (12) said.

Depending on what school students are seeking admission, some universities have introduced the Common Application. This document considerably shortens the time it takes for students to enter in all their personal information, test-score data, and details regarding your extracurricular involvement. Many students are instead tackling the Common App as an alternative to the traditional application.

“Originally, I was unsure of what it [Common App] was, but it ended up taking less time then I thought,” Ellie Marchi (12) said.

Although the process seems stressful, there are many resources available to aid students who are interested in going to college as well as completing the steps required.

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