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Gossip at the Watering Bowl

Alyssa Mayo, Staff Writer

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While the expanding population of the Lindbergh School District, the high school has taken in several new faces to the staff, many of which are known and recognized by students. Unfortunately, a large portion of LHS has never met Girlie. Beginning in August of 2016, the Lindbergh family now includes an emotional support animal who works in the 12th grade office named Girlie. She works to help students distress whenever they need it.

“She comes to work almost everyday, unless she needs a “rest day.” There is a sign hanging outside the 12th grade office door that will tell you if Girlie is in or home for the day,” Linda Immer (Class of 2018 Secretary) said.

Girlie is a trained service dog with the specific goal of providing mental support to those who may need a break from school for any reason. She is an asset to the students, but also is a fun coworker to the other staff members in the office.

“I love having her at work and I love seeing what she can do to brighten other people’s day! She’s pretty amazing!” Immer said.

Girlie is a very busy staff member. She works frequently at LHS and when she has down time, she uses it to her advantage.

“Sshe] Catches up on her sleep. She likes to sleep on Mrs. Turner’s desk chair, it’s pretty comfy.”

Although she doesn’t get paid, Girlie works hard to aid students by offering as much support as possible. Her job is to provide therapeutic benefit to those who need it through companionship and is always looking for new friends.

“She’s available anytime during the day. She loves visitors!” Immer said.

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  1. P. Bohr on November 1st, 2017 8:08 AM

    Hi Alyssa Mayo.
    In the first sentence of the last paragraph, you misspelled paid. It is PAID, not payed.
    Thank you


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