How Do You Thanksgiving?

Travis Patton

Travis Patton, Staff Writer

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Students are not just the only ones excited about Thanksgiving break, so are the teachers. There are many different ways to celebrates this day, but what exactly are some of the teachers traditions?

“Typically it’s my mom, or my uncle that hosts thanksgiving on my family’s side. With my husband’s family we will do it the day after,” Victoria McCarty (F.A.C.S. Department) said.

“This year my sister and brother in-law are coming to town from Indiana. I’m having Thanksgiving with my in-laws,” Danielle DuHadway (Social Studies Department) said.

When it comes to cooking, there are many different ways to prepare the turkey.

“We just put the bird in the oven, salt, pepper, olive oil, and I think we put onions and carrots inside to flavor it. Then I make my stuffing on the outside of the bird, and put the turkey legs on top of my stuffing, (so that way I don’t kill my family with salmonella),” McCarty said.

However, not everyone likes, or eats turkey on this day. Many will create their own idea of what will become a traditional dish.

“So this is really weird we don’t eat turkey,” DuHadway Said.

Then after asking and confirming that her family does not eat “Tofurkey” (A vegan option of turkey substituted with tofu), they do something nontraditional.

“My brother doesn’t like turkey, so a few years ago he asked for something else. So now I make a prime rib. I make a standing rib roast and it’s delicious,” DuHadway said.

Besides the main dish, there are many other food options, and everyone has their favorite food item.
“My favorite food of all time is mash potatoes. I’ve made myself sick before eating to many mash potatoes,” McCarty said.

“Fresh green beans and I sautee them in garlic red pepper flakes and lemon grain, delic,” DuHadway said.

Besides the food, every year is a time to make lasting memories to look back on in the future. When asked, there were already moments that stuck out when they think of past holidays.

“Watching football with my Dad,” DuHadway said.

“Hiking at my Grandparents house. We’d eat dinner and then we’d all go up for a hike, because they lived in the country,” McCarty said.

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