Halloween Season Netflix Gems

Dominic Marino, Staff Writer

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         As Halloween rolls around the corner, Netflix provides new spooks and different genre movies and TV shows to their wide selection of material to watch. Let’s take a look into what’s going on in the world of binge watchers for the month of October.

        Most titles added this month were based off horror and spooky films for viewers to enjoy. Titles such as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Haunting of Hill House, Truth or Dare, and The Shining,all being added before October 31st.

       We asked some of Lindbergh’s own what they thought of the horror films added this month,

           “ Most of the things being added either don’t interest me that much or I don’t know many of them, there isn’t very mainstream titles being added, maybe that’s a good thing though and some of the shows and movies will surprise me. But just by trying to identify the titles, I’m not very excited or impressed at this point,” Abbi Solomon (9) said.

         “After seeing these titles I’m excited to sit down and watch spooky movies all weekend,” Ethan Branham (9)said.

        The responses varied on students opinions and knowledge of the titles being added, so we confrenced with some of Lindbergh’s own but to ask them a different question, what horror movie they would want to be added to Netflix this month.

         “ My go to scary movie and in my opinion, scariest movie out, The Conjuring should be added to Netflix this October,” Carlos Mejia (9) said.

         “ Hocus Pocus should most definitely be added to Netflixs horror section,” Ella Wolfard (9) said.

         Other students agreed with the freshman as they added on to Wolfard’s statement,

         “I also love the movie Hocus Pocus and would excited if it was added to the horror section of Netflix,” Kasey Cela (9) said.

         While these aren’t in Netflixs plans to be added this month, Netflix obviously is adding a solid amount of shows and movies this month size wise. Will it be enough to please the watchers is what really matters, it’s ultimately up to Netflix loyalist to decide on that.


A popular horror film being added to

Netflix this month.

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