St. Louis Weather

Quinn Frye, Staff Writer

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St. Louis is known for getting all four seasons, but what is up with all the crazy climate changes lately? Any “louie” knows to be prepared for any weather, anytime.

“If you don’t like the weather, stick around because it will change,” Barry Marquart (Science Department) said.

The other day it was 70 degrees, while a few days earlier it was the high of 40 degrees. Something to take into fact is the our location, because we are centered mid-continent, and since we are land-blocked, we don’t get affected by any ocean breezes like other places do, like San Diego, they have similar climates as St. Louis but they are near an ocean so they have the oceans wind. On November 11, 1911, St. Louis went from 78 degrees to 18 degrees in one day. Those two numbers prove how insane the weather STL has to offer is. That was the largest daily temperature swing in St. Louis History, as of today. Missouri still maintains their reputation and still keeps us all on our toes for what the weather will look like for the next day.

St. Louis’ seasons tend to overstay their welcome majority of the time, like spring is always late because of our long winters and summer goes on forever.

“It’s kind of like having family in from out of town, like seasons are, they’re great at first and when they stick around too long, you’re ready for them to move on,” Marquart said.

St. Louisans are not always agreeing with the weather, as it changes so rapidly and always catches others off guard. So, it will never fully be answered as to why STL has such wack weather, but the city keeps things interesting.

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