Where’d The Thrift Go?

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Where’d The Thrift Go?

Quinn Frye, Story Writer

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Lindbergh High School has style, and a variety of it. We see the vintage kiddos, the classy kiddos, the preppy kiddos, along with others. But, in 2018, the preppy fashion is making a comeback and I’m not the only one that has been noticing it.

“Around here at Lindbergh I see more of the preppy look, than I do the thrifty that used to be more popular, seems like more people are preppy around here,” Stacey Glover (Family and Consumer Science) said.

To clarify, preppy consists of school gear, name brand clothing, while thrifted on the other hand, has clothes from thrift stores which has more of a vintage vibe.

As preppy fashion is making its way down the halls at LHS, I stop to think is the thriftin’ driftin’? Many students thrift their clothes and blend them into their own style, but it has become less of a trend over the year. All styles are wicked in their own ways, but how come preppy has become so popular lately? Personally, thrifted fashion is always a go to, and I have nothing against the preppy look whatsoever, but it’s becoming too traditional. Even at LHS the thrift look has been vanishing.

“We used to have a class where kids actually brought in stuff, it was called Clothing Repair and Reconstruction, so they bring in something and make it into something else, but I don’t see that happening as much anymore,” Glover said.

Fashion portrays a lot about a community, and LHS welcomes all different types of style. As preppy seems to be more favored, students should re-spark the thrift. From thrifted to preppy, everyone shows their own unique style that works for them, which makes LHS so diverse and spunky.

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