Friday Zumba

This Zumba logo was created to help promote the fitness program.

This Zumba logo was created to help promote the fitness program.

Autumn Heaton, Story Writer

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On the first day of school senior, Jordan Natsis, attended his second hour intro to business class, taught by Mrs. Durham. During the class Mrs. Durham shared a little bit about herself to the students using a power point presentation, which included information about her experience teaching Zumba. According to her online profile, Durham loves teaching Zumba classes; “The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party,” Julie Durham (Business Department) said.

Upon Natsis’ discovery he proposed that an event called Zumba Fridays be instituted. Zumba is an aerobic fitness program that was based off of different styles of Latin American dance and music. The program focuses on total body toning as it targets several muscle groups. Not only does Zumba involve aerobics, but it also increases one’s heart rate which leads to anaerobic benefits and a healthy cardiovascular respiratory system.

“Here, at Lindbergh I would say Zumba is a fun way to build a positive community of kids. We all go out and laugh at ourselves. We shake, shimmy, and just have fun for two minutes of the day. It’s also been a big connector for me and my students. It’s turned into something that my second hour loves.We look forward to it and we’ve all gotten on a much closer, personal level because of it,” Durham said.

Zumba allows students to be entertained while also working out. Since the first Friday on which this activity was instigated it has become so popular. The small Zumba sessions that have been occurring has lead to an entire hallway of class that participate. Some say that the widespread of dance has lead to a greater sense of school spirit and has allowed them to meet new friends and people I probably would have never known otherwise.

“Zumba is just a fun way to start off a Friday. I always look forward to it because when you’re doing it you don’t feel like you’re in school; you’re just having fun with it,” Jordan Natsis (12)

Zumba acts as a release for the students and is growing in popularity. The activity creates a stress free environment where people can create new friendships.

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