Third Quarter Recap

As the third quarter came to an end, students and staff prepared for Spring Break 2022. The final week of the quarter consisted of a surplus of tests, quizzes, and projects. This called for a much-needed week-long break from the chaos of 2022. 

Lots of students and staff planned to travel for spring break to places like Mexico and Florida. According to the Daily Mail, “Fort Lauderdale expects at least double if not triple the number of visitors.” Florida is a very common tourist destination for spring break for high school students. Mexico is also a very popular destination for high school students with Cancun being one of the most popular places in Mexico. 

For lots of students, going on a trip for spring break and having plans can really help their mental health and overall health. Third-quarter had challenging moments for students and staff at LHS and spring break is a perfect time to refresh for the final stretch of the school year.  

Lots of important things went on during the third quarter, such as Spring Fling, several spirit weeks, and important sports games like Basketball and Hockey. Also, the musical “Hello Girls” was performed by the theater and musical crew. 

The events and dances that happened during the third quarter made this quarter a memorable and fun experience for many at LHS.  Spring Fling occurred on March 5th and the theme was Meet Me in St. Louis. The dance was held at LHS and in the gym where the DJ played music and the students made lots of memories with their friends and peers.  This was the first Spring Fling dance that has been held at LHS since 2020. 

¨I thought the dance went pretty well.  A large number of students commented to me how much fun it was.  Many even said it was the best dance they have gone to.¨ Since this was the first Spring Fling dance since 2020, it had a huge turnout. ¨It was the largest dance we have had during a second semester since I have been the StuCo Advisor.  We had over 850 kids in attendance.  To compare, 10 years ago the Spring Fling was under 300.  I do think coming back from Covid had a lot of kids wanting to get involved and this was just one outlet open to them.  Being that big brings some issues:  Just getting kids in the door can take a long time.  Almost every dance has a couple of challenges, a lot of times brought on by kids from other schools in attendance, and that happened at this dance also.  Overall though, I think the dance was a great success,¨ said Mark Pfeiffer (StuCo Advisor).

Administrators said students are also getting back into the swing of day-to-day school following a couple of years of Covid-19 related issues, ¨Further, I encourage them to not let up and to recognize how important this next quarter is to ensure they get the necessary credits that will help them on their path towards graduation. Meanwhile, I look forward to putting back in place some of the fun activities, like Prom, that we have not been able to have for the last couple of years,¨ said Dr. Cochran (LHS principal).