Perks of Being in a Bromance

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Perks of Being in a Bromance

Benjamin Rivers, Staff Writer

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Everyone has heard of Bromances, like Turk and JD on the hit TV show, Scrubs, or 21 Jump Street. No matter what, when a person hears the word “bromance” two people immediately pop into one’s mind. Bromances may be entertaining and funny in pop culture, but there are some intense bromances right here at Lindbergh. Bromances are a pretty big deal and as it turns out, comes with a lot of perks.

Always available: Have you ever been in a situation where you’re doing something fun, or maybe even not so fun, and you want someone there to make it better? Just call your bro. Whether it be something good or bad, like tickets to a concert or community service, Bros just like spending time together. Even when it’s not necessary, a bro is always ready for anything.

“You have to be ready, like if I say hey you wanna high-five? Ill drive over just for that,” Daniel Conwell (12) said.

Always has your back: No matter what the situation, a bro will always be there to back a fellow bro up. A bro will do whatever he can to get the assist so you can score whatever goal you’re shooting for. Bros will be there any time you need for anything from rides, to helping stand up to a bully, to even occasionally telling a white lie to keep you out of some trouble. Having a bro can open doors that you may not have even known existed.

“I actually got the job and they were looking for more people so I told him to apply and got him a job with me,” Vince Mazzola (12) said.

A bro is also there for moral support if you’re ever feeling down. Bros can help deal with the stress of school, work, or just life in general. And you always know that if you ever need a helping hand, maybe with studying, maybe just to vent, your bro will  always be right there.

“It’s nice to have someone there to lean back on if you ever fall,” Aj Nana (11), said.

Can tell anything to: A bro is someone who you know you can always talk to. Bros trust each other more than anyone else. If you ever need to talk to someone, you bro will always listen. You can even tell them your deepest darkest secrets and they will keep it under lock and key for eternity. Bros know everything about one another, even a little too much sometimes.        

Share a special bond:  Bros share a special bond that can never be broken. Bros will share things with each other that they share with no one else. Whether it be an inside joke, or special activity, bros always have something unique to their relationship.

 “We play extreme patty cake together. It actually gets pretty intense. No one gets to see it either, unless we really know you.” Travis Wiggins (11), said.

Inside jokes are a very important thing to bros. They can start as tiny, inconsequential things that grow to crazy proportions.

“ We actually enjoy taking care of our children, Dora and Shrek, AKA our pillow pets.” Vince Mazzola (12) said.  

This bond is so strong that they feel like just another member of the family. Bros care for one another like flesh and blood, even bickering like children. But in the end you know you bro lives and dies for you, and nothing can change that.

“The best thing about the bromance? The love,” Herman said.

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