Zentropy by Frankie Cosmos review

Lauren Wash, Staff Writer

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Greta Kline, the daughter of actor and actress Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, is a 20 year old from New york City who began her songwriting and singing career in 2009 under the stage name ‘Frankie Cosmos.’Before releasing her first studio album “Zentropy” in 2014, she spent the previous six years creating a whopping 49 home-recorded albums in her room in college on Bandcamp, a music sharing Website. She was then noticed by K Records, where she recorded Zentropy with the help of a full band.


Zentropy Track by Track Review:


  • School- This song’s simple chord progression and memorable lyrics about the troubles of school and stress is easily relatable to any young adult. The song is short and sweet, but builds to include more instrument as the song continues.




  • Fireman- This folky song about Frankie’s dad is the shortest song on the album, ending at one minute. The harmonies in this number never cease, and the quiet, barely noticeable notes in the background make the song sound more complicated than it actually is. While the song is quite moody, it ends with a single note, which gives the song a more playful feel.




  • Birthday Song- One of the more pessimistic songs on the album, Frankie talks about her struggles with getting older, as well as mentioning her dog for the first time. drum beats make sure the song doesn’t sound too sad, although her self deprecating lyrics give off a negative feel, which sharply contrasts with the fun triangle dings and frequent tempo changes.




  • Owen- This song about her brother is mysterious, but loud and happy at the same time. The crunchy guitar tones and loud drumming contrast with the soft and sweet two-part harmonies and send a shiver down the listener’s spine and gives them goosebumps. This one is a personal favorite.




  • Buses Splash With Rain- Unlike the other songs in the album, this track uses a recurring chorus for the first time. Rain bounces and includes a repeated riff that makes any listener want to dance. Although the song is mostly positive, the tone and key give off a sad vibe, along with subtle lyrics that criticize her own personality. Like always, Frankie makes sure that although her lyrics are sad, the music itself is uplifting.




  • Leonie- This song sounds more folky, with simple chord progression and rhythms make the song easy to remember. The harmonies are constant and beautiful.  It’s easy to say that vocals are the focus of this song. The soft guitar and drums build up throughout the song, and by the end, the song is loud and happy, putting images of the bay and hanging out with friends into the listener’s head. A resolving chord of the two singers ends the song on a delightful two-part harmony.




  • I Do Too- For the first time on the album, Frankie used vocal effects to alter the sound of her voice, and includes harmonies that aren’t necessarily pleasing to the ear, but make the song sound experimental andis song is playful and fun to listen to.




  • Dancing in the Public Eye- This is easily one of the most happy and inspiring songs on the album. Frankie expresses her carelessness by talking about dancing in front of people and not caring what people think of her. Unlike her other songs in the album, she expresses her feelings in a positive way, using call and response lyrics and a driving beat.




  • My I Love You- This song is completely dedicated to her beloved pet dog named Joe Joe. The song is sad but sounds sweet, and her grief is shown through soft cello harmonies and talking about how hard it is to get through the day without someone you once loved.




  • Sad 2- Once again, Frankie is singing about how much she misses her dog, along with feeling lonely and filling the emptiness in her heart by going on dates. The song is simple, with no harmonies, but has hints of xylophone and synthesizer. Despite her sadness, the song is soft and offers a unique sound

Overall,  Cosmos is soft and playful, and her short songs are growing more and more popular among teens and young adults. “Zentropy” tells about emotions without being depressing and maintains the theme of pure and simple harmonies and straightforward lyrics to charm any listener. “Personally, Owen and School are my favorites, but the rest of the album gives off a really chill vibe. I’m glad that Frankie Cosmos is getting the attention she deserves,” Michaela Jackson (said. The rest of Cosmos’ music can be found at www.ingridsuperstar.bandcamp.com. This charming indie pop artist will be releasing a new EP on November 13 of this year.

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