Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour Review

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Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour Review

Ally Hilmes, Staff Writer

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Pop Sensation Breaks Free in St. Louis

On October 4, world-famous performer Ariana Grande held a concert for her Honeymoon World Tour at the Scottrade Center. The set list included songs from her albums “Yours Truly” and her new album “My Everything.”

The performance truly began with a bang as Grande rose to the stage singing “Bang Bang” to the crowd of 8,500 devoted “Arianators.” The Florida native belted her and fellow vocalist Jessie J’s verses and also rapped Nicki Minaj’s part. During this performance, I noticed that the $40 cat ears that attendees could purchase would light up… to the beat of the music.

I couldn’t stop laughing because it reminded me of the The Spongebob Squarepants Movie where all of the fish were wearing the Chum Bucket helmets that controlled their minds. I got a bit nervous that Grande was controlling everybody’s minds who had the cat ears on and would force them to buy her album or follow her on Twitter or convince them to commit manslaughter or something.

Anyway, Grande had a lot of exceptional entrances including floating in the air on a cloud and later on a chandelier. She also incorporated other elements to her show including breathtaking scenery that followed the color scheme of black, white, and pastel. Each song had its own specific scenic background that would correlate to the songs. For example, “Baby I” had a backdrop that included light pink anime-style comics, and “One Last Time” featured a dark and stormy scene that paralleled the music video’s ominous mood.

“The backgrounds were perfect! My breath was taken away when a new song would begin because my eyes would catch the scenery and it was almost hypnotizing!” Destiny Jackson (10) said.

The visuals for certain songs made fans confused a bit.

“The most bizarre part of the whole show was when Ari was singing “Right There” and she was killing it and then for Big Sean’s verse he appeared on the screen faintly in the clouds and it made me think of The Lion King when Mufasa was in the clouds quietly humming ‘Simba’ to his son,” Jessica DeLeon (10) said.

Another criticism I heard from fans in the stands was that the music was so loud that the audience couldn’t hear Grande’s voice. However, DeLeon strongly disagreed.

“I thought that the music was great! It was so loud I could feel vibrations in my chest. It made me feel alive,” DeLeon said.

Grande closed the show with her infamous tune “Problem.” The entire crowd was on their feet and singing along to her whistle notes. She performed in sync with her dancers and then received a standing ovation. The Honeymoon Tour truly ended with a bang just like how she began the concert.


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