Does LHS Prefer JB or 1D?

Ally Hilmes, Staff Writer

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LHS Students Debate Over “Purpose” and “Made in the AM”

On Nov 13, pop sensation Justin Bieber, along with world-famous boyband One Direction, released new musical albums. Bieber’s album “Purpose” easily snatched the number one spot on the iTunes chart over One Direction’s “Made in the A.M.” However, One Direction was in a pretty close second place on the top ten list.

Since the musical artists announced the release date for their albums, both Beliebers and Directioners have had a squabble with each other on which album would be better and will be more successful. Ja’Kaylen Firrow (10) considers herself to be a fan of both Bieber and One Direction and thinks that all of the drama between the two fandoms is ridiculous.

“Honestly, both Beliebers and Directioners just need to let it go. Geez. Some people just like to make a fight out of everything. Who cares if their albums dropped on the same day? That just means we get more music to listen to, and isn’t that a good thing?” Firrow said.

While some devotees believe the drama between the fandoms is unnecessary, others are completely okay with it.

“1D released their album on the same day as Justin Bieber because they love their fans, while Justin did his on Friday the 13th for the money and fame,” Emily Hofherr (10) said.

In my opinion, the public’s views on One Direction are either overwhelmingly positive or extremely negative with almost no in-between. However, it seems that more people seem to not necessarily be obsessed with Bieber have or have a full-on hatred towards him. I’d say it’s mostly just tolerance towards Bieber.

I decided to test this theory of mine and I surveyed 100 LHS students and faculty on which album was better.

30% of the people interviewed preferred “Purpose,” 25% chose “Made in the A.M.” Also, a whopping 41% decided on neither, and a mere 4% claimed that they love both albums to death and could not possibly decide on the two.

Going around the cafeteria and asking random students and teachers which album they preferred was quite an experience. Some reactions involved girls screaming One Direction as loud as they could while going “OMG I CAN’T EVEN! 1D OVER JB ANYDAY!” Other responses included a table full of boys having a full-on debate over whether Bieber was more talented or One Direction.

The numbers don’t lie. It appears that JB is the King of pop according to LHS students.

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