Tis the Season to be Gaming

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Tis the Season to be Gaming

Benjamin Rivers, Staff Writer

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Reviews of some of the hottest games released recently

Within the last two months, numerous big name titles have come rolling onto the market. With all of these new titles, students may have trouble deciding where to dedicate their limited funds, and which ones can be saved for their christmas list. So to help students narrow down their lists, i’ve compiled some brief reviews all under one roof, to be compared side by side.

Star Wars: Battlefront

This game was widely praised for its gameplay aesthetics, with gorgeous scenery and clean graphics. The game flawlessly incorporates a beautiful score with many original pieces from the movies themselves. From the reminiscent sound of blaster fire, to the gentle whir and hum of a lightsaber, to the abrasive shrieks of passing tie fighters, the gameplay audio was incredibly immersive and well received.

“ Everything sounded so perfect. It seemed like they pulled every sound effect from the films. I felt like I really was in the movie” Austin Sims (12) said.

The game also fell short in the eyes of many. It failed to incorporate any kind of story mode or even a respectable single player option. Also, while the online functionality and variety of gameplay was a positive note, many still felt that the game felt limited. These complaints include a short list of map options, limited customization, and only 6 total heroes featured in the game.  This game is fantastic for a hardcore fan or a casual gamer, but offers no real potential in the long term.


Halo 5: Guardians

Released on October 27, this title became the newest installment in the famous Halo franchise. This game sold quickly with gamers all over the country lining up for midnight releases. The game looked amazing and ran very smoothly. The new multiplayer layout was praised for its functionality, operation, and accessibility. Many claimed the new multiplayer was the best version Halo had ever seen.

On the other hand, the story function of the game was heavily criticized. Long time fans of the series complained that the game departed from the traditional Halo style. Halo has always been famous for compelling storytelling, but players pointed out that this title’s story was extremely lacking. The game jumps back and forth between two separate playable characters and uses this to tell the story. This led to a choppy, spaced, and overall shallow story experience. Fans also complained about a lack of a split screen function, which has been an iconic feature in Halo franchise for years. Overall this game lends to a fantastic first person experience, but ultimately splits from the classic Halo style which has left longtime players disappointed.

Fallout 4

This game is arguably one of the most highly anticipated games this year. This game will serve as the fourth major installment in the post-apocalyptic franchise. Fallout 4 was met with extremely positive reviews and little complaints. The game has been praised for its expansive open world, in depth customization, and seemingly unending activities. The title has also been complimented on its improvements from past titles. This game features an all-new dialogue system, tighter combat, more freedom, and enhanced gameplay.

The game has received few criticisms so far from its massive player base. Console players were let down by poor graphics, while PC players are plagued by frequent crashes and numerous glitches; like exploding characters and flying enemies. Many have also noted that the game follows a disappointing story arc as opposed to past titles. The only other notable complaints seem to be that some find the game a little too much to handle, but hardcore fans won’t find this a problem.

Honourable mentions

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Ⅲ

This game is the 3rd title in the successful subseries Black Ops, in the Call of Duty franchise. This game received positive reviews overall but didn’t introduce anything new or noteworthy that would gain it more attention. This game failed to invoke anything more than exactly what was expected of it. If players liked the past titles, they will really enjoy this game, but it offers nothing to draw new fans in.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was released on October 23 of this year. Just like Black Ops, this new title offers nothing new to draw in new fans. However, players are extremely satisfied with the quality of this new game compared to its predecessor, Unity,  which was regarded as a massive failure. This game does not differ much from previous titles as far as gameplay, which some complain is getting worn out. The game does introduce new items and activities and has been praised for the smoothness of it’s new combat system.

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