Top 5’s in Music of 2015

Adam Usry, Staff Writer

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  1. Kendrick Lamar:  To Pimp A Butterfly (March 15th 2015)- This funky soulful album of the year is cherished by each person who has listened to it.
  2. Logic: The Incredible True Story (November 13th 2015)- The runner up to To Pimp a Butterfly is, full of interesting plots and classic rap singles.
  3. The Weeknd: Beauty Behind The Madness (August 28th 2015)-  The contemporary R&B singer The Weeknd produced a genuinely amazing album that topped the charts all over the world.
  4. Drake: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (February 13th 2015)-  In the hype of 2015 Drake most definitely took last year and became one of the most successful people to come out on top.
  5. Mac Miller: GO:OD AM (September 18th 2015)-  Mac Miller’s third album has been released to a lot of critical acclaim. With hit songs like “Weekend”, or “100 Grandkids” GO:OD AM was meant to be amazing.


Rising Rap/R&B Artists:

  1. Fetty Wap- This singer released his self-titled album this year to extremely positive reviews and with his successful hit “Trap Queen” along with other radio hits, many love this artist for his unique voice and beats.
  2. Travi$ Scott- Another successful debut album though released by this rapper, was also met with many positive reviews and critics love the album “Rodeo” for its different vibes. “Antidote” was a loved radio hit that everyone can jam to along with “3500”.
  3. Pell- Known for his chilled out, relaxing beats, along with soothing lyrics such as “Pretty Things”, Pell was one underground rapper who broke into a section of the mainstream game.
  4. Joey Bada$$- Joey released the album B4.DA.$$ (pronounced “before the money”) extremely early in 2015 and brought out a tour along with it. The album is very dark and gritty including songs such as “No.99” but contains a deep yet intense vibe with it.
  5. Jay Rock- Although as a disclaimer, Jay Rock is signed with TDE (For those uninformed, TDE is the rap team containing Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and lastly, Jay Rock.) Jay Rock had yet to produce an album for a few years. Releasing 90059 this year, the album was an extreme banger and definitely should’ve caught more attention.

Songs of the Year:

  1. Alright: By Kendrick Lamar- debatably one of the most popular songs by Kendrick off his 2015 album TPAB was performed countless times and rallied all fans of music together for a classic hip hop song with a catchy hook, the lyrics in general are spectacular and a beat that will have you jumping when put on at a concert for sure.
  2. No Role Modelz: J. Cole- Anytime J. Cole creates a song, it’s content is never not worth the world’s attention. Therefore when No Role Modelz released, EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT IT. All over Twitter, people commented (STILL TODAY!) quips about the album being “Fire” which is true yet very funny when put into pictures.
  3. $ave Dat Money: Lil Dicky- Probably the most comical rap artist or song of 2015, Lil Dicky created a whole rap song about saving money, the opposite of generic rap, which ends up being extremely funny.
  4. Me Myself & I: G- Eazy- This honest, chill track by G, is one if not his most popular song of this year and years to date, because of his seriousness with his issues about being the only one that can take care of him is himself.
  5. Antidote: Travi$ Scott- This club banger, has all the elements to a hit rap song. A few of which includes amazing beat, including a R&B-ish hook and verse until the last verse where Scott raps over it and it becomes a big ending to the song.



  1. J. Cole- The biggest rap concert of this year was at the Verizon Amphitheatre and included all of his hits and he performed his whole album 2014 Forest Hills Drive
  2. Mac Miller- At the Pageant Mac Miller performed for everyone and put on an incredible show that started with “Doors” then lead into “Brand Name”.
  3. The Internet- The R&B band that released their album “Ego Death” came to the Fubar in Saint Louis where they put on an amazing show whilst the lead singer Syd The Kid was sick.
  4. Joey Bada$$- Performing at the Ready Room with Denzel Curry and Bishop Nehru, the combined setlist was practically heaven sent.
  5. Chance The Rapper- With his positive vibe and limitless energy, Chano can ALWAYS give a 100% amazingly amusing concert no matter what.


Hype for 2016 Albums:

  1. SWISH: Kanye West- This album is the one that everyone is excited for no matter who listens to to Kanye.
  2. Views From The 6: Drake- Drake as mentioned before threw all of his hit tracks out of the new album therefore everyone is super hyped for the new album.
  3. Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Collaboration- This will be probably the biggest selling album by both fans of each artist and without a doubt this will be one of the best albums of the year.
  4. Still Krazy: YG- with his newest single “I Wanna Benz” Featuring Nipsey Hussle and 50 Cent, YG never fails to produce a superb album with funky beats with hit records.
  5. Run The Jewels 3?: Run the Jewels has been a record selling hip hop duo that formed around 2012, and went on tour in 2015. They are very popular underground artists consisting of Killer Mike and El-P
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