The Incredible World Tour

Adam Usry, Staff Writer

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Logic, the 26 year old rapper from Maryland, brought his second headlining tour, to Saint Louis this past February. Since it was Logic’s first time performing in the Saint Louis area, the sold out show at The Pageant was fantastic. His sophomore album, “The Incredible True Story” featured two voice actors, Steven Blum and Kevin Randolph on over three separate skits on the album. During the opening to the concert, the two voice actors could be heard discussing how Logic’s show in Saint Louis was the best concert on the whole tour. Right after the song “Contact” was sung by Logic and the audience, Logic proceeded into the song “Fade Away”. As he walked out on stage, the crowd went nuts. For most, the rush of the people jumping around is the best part to a concert.

         “Everyone going crazy in the crowd was the best part to the concert,” Maddy Green (11) said.

         “Fade Away” was the perfect song to pump up the crowd for the show. Logic poured his heart and soul into each song he performed, and anyone could tell how much he loves performing his songs for his fans. Even after the countless “Thank you’s” and such after each song. “Upgrade”, the fast-paced, and laidback tune, showed off Logic’s quickness with words. Logic is known for his rapid-fire wordplay but this song as well as later on in the show when he performed “Stainless”, or the finale “Gang Related”. Overall one of the best things about Logic performing live, was when the beat to the song would completely stop, yet Logic would continue rapping at double the speed.

The funniest moment of the concert was Logic calling out fans in the crowd. Specifically, when he pointed in the upper area of The Pageant and called out someone saying, “Who’s that dude up in the top that looks like Jesus?” (because of his beard). Another comical moment was Logic using his onstage background as a backdrop for the “Who’s that Pokemon” bit. He stopped the show, walked up to the giant screen and his silhouette was dark enough for it to look realistic, and hilarious.

After performing The Incredible True Story in its entirety, Logic proceeded to perform songs from his debut album, “Under Pressure”. Specifically, one of his more popular songs from “Under Pressure”, was “Gang Related”, arguably this was one of the best songs that he performed. The whole crowd vibed with him, chanting the lyrics right back as the song went along. The next time Logic comes to Saint Louis, you can bet that he’ll have a bigger audience and even better music to perform.


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