Vol. 3 EX’ACT by EXO Review

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Vol. 3 EX’ACT by EXO Review

Miranda Grasso, Staff Writer

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With a history of being the highest chart topping Korean pop group, the boys of EXO returned to the music scene with their third full studio album, EX’ACT. The group of nine released the album this past summer in both Korean and Mandarin in addition to an album repackage titled Lotto. EX’ACT took a new spin on Korean music having combined the sounds of RnB, funk, disco and electro pop into 9 cohesive tracks.

One of the two title tracks, “Monster,” showcased not only a compelling sound, but also powerhouse vocals accompanied by an overall high grade performance. Spending a total of two weeks at number one on the Billboard World Charts, “Monster” maintained the dark concept EXO was previously known for while allowing the group to experiment with a new set of musical styles.

“When ‘Lucky One’ and ‘Monster’ came out I was really excited. It’s neat how that many people can be so in sync in terms of vocals and choreography as they are. If you watch the M/Vs, expect to think about how the members multiple because there are so many of them and it was something that truly surprised me the first time I experienced a Korean music video,” Alyssa Sansom (9) said.

From a darker concept to a brighter one, tracks such as “Heaven”, “Artificial Love” and “White Noise” largely contain elements unheard in past EXO albums.

“I wasn’t sure how I felt about some of the tracks such as “Lotto” at first, but the more I listened, the more I came to love them. One of my favorites off the album is “Heaven” because I love Chen’s vocals in the opening as well as the pretty and soft vibe of the song,” Sansom said.

Released under S.M. Entertainment, the album quickly went to the top of the United World Albums Chart. Despite stereotypes surrounding the Kpop genre, EXO maintains to exemplify potential and the success of a musically diverse group through EX’ACT.

“To anyone who hasn’t experienced Kpop, I would suggest to keep an open mind and a willingness to expand your horizons. I remember how I used to think the genre as a whole was just techno related because of the stereotypes I heard, but Kpop is definitely a lot more different from what many expect it to be. There is so much effort and time that goes into the sound and performances especially with groups such as EXO,” Sansom said.


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