Student Netflix Recommendations

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Student Netflix Recommendations

Madison Pregon, Staff Writer

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If you’re on the hunt for some good Netflix shows to watch, Lindbergh students have compiled a list for you to binge-watch when you’re procrastinating on your homework, or potentially if you’ve already finished your homework and have a good amount of time before your ten o’clock bedtime. We don’t know your life, but we’re going to assume the former.

If you’re interested in documentaries about issues plaguing us today, this is an intriguing watch. “It’s a documentary about the thirteenth amendment, which abolished slavery, except for in cases of imprisonment. It discusses how America’s prison systems are still racially biased, and black prisoners are still more likely to do slave labor in the United States,” Thalia Barbosa (12) said.

  • Black MirrorThis anthology series will definitely mess with your head and is an intriguing show to watch if you want something that will capture you entirely. Each episode has a different cast and takes place in a different reality but each episode discusses issues we could potentially face. Tara Mazurek (11) highly recommends it!
    • Stranger Things – This new Netflix show has eight episodes, and is an intriguing story that is just, well, strange. “It deals with missing children, government secrets, and laboratories,” Emily Bushway (12) said. “Not only that, but you can marathon it in one lazy Sunday.”
    • Gilmore Girls If you’re hoping to get engaged in a new show, Anni Dineen (12) highly recommends Gilmore Girls. “My mom and I watched it while it was airing, and when I found out that it was ending, I was really distraught. They’re relaunching in January, though, so now is the best time to make sure you’re caught up!” Dineen said.
    • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil – If you’re looking for a mixture between humor and horror, this movie will hit the spot. “I love this movie; it’s almost as if it’s a horror movie that’s been flipped around, and two kids think that two people are chasing them but end up killing themselves. It becomes a huge ordeal and it’s super interesting!” Madison Benz (12) said.
    • Chuck is another enthralling television series that you can dive into. “It’s a spy show, where the main character finally believes that his life is all together after a long time of trying to figure it out, until he gets an e-mail from his old college roommate,” Noelle Priest (12) said.
    • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a fun way to kick back and relax. “It’s about some owners of a bar that always run into outrageous issues that have to be figured out. It’s the funniest television show out there,” Mary Mazzola (12) said.



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