Is Santa Creepy?

Ben Rivers, Staff Writer

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As kids almost all of us believed in this fantastic magical being who came around once a year and granted us amazing gifts each Christmas. But as we grow older and wiser, we realize, or we are told, that this mystical man just isn’t real. For years after, the jolly old fellow is remembered fondly. But for some, age comes with the realization that Kris Kringle is just plain creepy.

It only takes a little thought before we realize that in the real world, Christmas’s rosy cheeked ringleader would probably be thrown in the slammer.  Just take the lyrics from the classic song, “he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.” This is an obvious example of stalking, a class A misdemeanor in Missouri.  If that weren’t enough, the ivory bearded invader breaks into your house at night.

“When I was a kid, he left soot marks all over my floor, so he doesn’t clean up after himself. He’s kind of a creepy jerk,” Grant Gaumer (Social Studies Department) said.

Granted he doesn’t steal anything, but if he truly felt welcome why wouldn’t he come in the front door? Coming in through the chimney is unlawful entry/ breaking and entering, a class C felony, which in the real world leads to prison time for jolly old St. Nick. Not to mention what he could be doing in between eating your cookies and visiting the tree. He could be going through your yearbooks, or teasing your poor dog.

“I think he’s creepy because I don’t think someone should be able to invade someone’s home like that, especially while they’re sleeping,” Patricia Lupu (12) said.

Let’s not forget the habit of  letting kids sit on his lap. Some may say Papa Noel is a little too comfortable with kids.

“Mall Santas are definitely creepy, the ones where your kids go sit on his lap. That’s really weird especially in today’s society,” Hannah Ruthenburg (10) said.

Santa isn’t all bad in the eyes of a few. Some people think the big bellied bandit is still redeemable in the eyes of children.

“I don’t think he’s that creepy. It’s a fun thing just for the kids. It doesn’t have to make sense to us,“ Nina Duchild (12) said

While for others, belsnickle is a completely lost cause.

“He’s an old man who stalks children and breaks into their house. He uses slavery to make toys and mine coal for the children he stalks. Then he uses animal abuse to haul his fat ass around the world,” Alex Morgan (12) said.

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