Girl Scout Cookie Craze

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Girl Scout Cookie Craze

John Romer, Staff Writer

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It’s that time of year again. That’s right, Girl Scout cookies are currently invading homes all around. These lovely little delicacies have been infiltrating the world since 1917. One thing must be true: the quality of these cookies has risen exponentially. With that in mind, there are obviously the flavors that fly (and have always flown) high above the rest.

         “Even though there’s only 6 cookies in the box, Tagalongs are by far the most tasty. No combination that’s been created has been quite that delicious as chocolate and peanut butter. It’s like Reese’s in a cookie,” said Hillary Switzer (English Department).

         Tagalongs remain supreme as far as the rest of tastes go. They offer a smooth, creamy first bite and then the flavor train doesn’t stop. The outer cushion of chocolate hits with undeniable sweetness and then thick peanut butter coats the rest of the mouth. A crunchy wafer right in the middle provides the perfect texture contrast. It’s what makes Tagalongs impossible to stop ingesting.

         Although there’s much debate about them, Samoas are tied, if not a close second, after Tagalongs. The most common conflict about it has to be the coconut that composes about half of the cookie. While the chocolatey, caramel blend is a simple classic, the coconut entirely contradicts that spectacular mixture. A papery feel and crunch does not make them at all appealing on top of the cookie wafer wrapped inside. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser, but they are not for everyone.

         “Trefoils are the most basic out of all of them but that’s what makes them so good. They’re simple and have a nice flavor unlike Samoas or Thin Mints. Whenever I think of Thin Mints I think of toothpaste and chocolate and that’s just not appealing,” said Emily Wildhaber (11).

         While the simplicity makes Trefoils absolute bliss, Thin Mints are truly debatable in terms of deliciousness value. Of course everyone knows deep down how delectable this original flavor is. It’s the reason Thin Mints have endured for so long. The excellent blend of slight mint and enticing chocolate send a cool breeze over the roof of the mouth that doesn’t feel like too much. That’s a benefit in and of itself: it allows for more to be eaten in one sitting.

         Those cookies that aren’t the standouts still fight for popularity over each other. The recent addition of S’mores cookies (2 wafers with marshmallow and chocolate in between) should certainly make countless returns with how undeniably delightful sweet and heart-warming they are and the Savannah Smile lemon flavor with powdered sugar still just barely misses the right ratio for perfection. The few others that remain overshadowed are in the position because they are either not as appetizing, too bland, or just haven’t been around that long. Girl Scout Cookies, no matter what type, still manage to make waves when they hit in early spring.

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