“Death Note” Movie Review


Jack Williams, Staff Writer

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Death Note directed by Adam Wingard is a horror and thriller Netflix film put into one. The set-up of the movie did not necessarily go with the storyline; the storyline was all over the place meaning jumping from one setting to another and constant changing of attitude in the film. The scenes did not equal the original thought of how the movie was supposed to be, according to many. The plot jumps from one setting to another so one scene after the other it’s very short with little detail to what has happened before hand. You sort of feel like you are constantly going back to answer your questions of what had just happened in the previous scene.

The movie has a horror title to it obviously, but the audience has been getting more of an emo and dark feeling for it. The movie focuses on a teenager who receives this notebook, Death Note, by it falling from the sky. After Lightning has the book he encounters a demon telling him the rules of the book, and then that’s when the ball starts rolling for the teen, and then eventually to the point where you can’t return to how things were.

The audience has to really pay attention to each scene and what it’s saying in order to understand the concept of the storyline. Also, out of nowhere the movie will switch a whole entire setting from Seattle, Washington to Tokyo, Japan. The movie has a bit of a double story line where it goes back and forth between the two places but within the same time line.

“I thought that the storyline was all around the place and it didn’t have a distinct idea, but the other popular Netflix show, 13 Reason’s Why has a more thought out and sophisticated plot.” Ryanne Morgan (11) said.


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