Can You Hack it?

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Can You Hack it?

Jack Williams, Staff Writer

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Easy Tips to Make High School Simpler

High schoolers are both nifty and lazy, so they often try to find easier ways to complete minute tasks, ranging from study hacks to tricks to help get through the day, and students can get extremely creative in order to make their high school experience easier. Tips and tricks can include a variety of strategies to help students maneuver around the building quicker, always having food with you, and headphones on hand can help get through the long days of school.

Here are some strategies to make walking across the stage in your cap and gown at the end of your senior year a lot more attainable. Hacks range from all different difficulty levels, but some can be quite simple.

“I chew gum while I’m studying for a test, and then while I’m taking the test I chew the same gum I did while studying. It helps remember some certain phrases for me sometime and helps me a lot,” Abby Hegger (11) said.

Chewing gum, using the same pencils, and writing out each note taken in class can help, but having a routine and consistency can help more when preparing for tests and quizzes.

“I do the same routine everyday in order to keep consistency. I get up at the same time everyday, eat breakfast at the same time, drive to school at the same time, and use the same supplies each day,” Emma Fassler (12) said.

Routines can range from the same wake up time and to taking the same route to school every morning. With school, being consistent is key, and having homework turned in on time will help maintain the most desirable grade possible.

Another tip to help get through the long years of making flashcards for tests and quizzes is the app Quizlet. It can help by searching for whatever vocabulary word or phrase students may need. The app offers flash cards, fun learning exercises, tests to help study, and much more. The tests mimic a real test but offer you feedback in order how to improve and giving you useful tips of how to remember certain words and phrases when you get it wrong. Quizlet has much to offer in many ways.

Some student’s strategy for success is dependent on where their studying takes place. When studying for any subject the night before, many students employ a strategy of using the learned material to relate to others. This can help many students pay better attention to what they’re reading and lets them think more outside the box.

“I like to study at the library alone so I have total focus. I also like to use the private study rooms they have to offer, and write key points out to study over,” Corey Dieringer (11) said.

Having a complete and total focus on studying is another major component to survive the hardest tests school has to offer. Some may prefer a study group while others might find reviewing alone as the most effective.

Another helpful tip is to get involved with clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. This can lead to the best friendships one may have, and even networking for better studying. Clubs offered at LHS range from Chess club to Key club, and each group offers something for someone’s interest and more.

Though hacks can be helpful for the time being, high school is much more memorable when you do not try to just skirt by with the most minimal amount effort possible. So make sure to put in as much as you can to get out the most.

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