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Spirit Yearbook

Lindbergh’s Spirit Yearbook is a student run publication responsible for printing the end of year memento.

Spirit Yearbook Editorial Staff 2017-2018

Editors-in-Chief – Evelyn Reed & Liz Schrader

Copy Editors – Jemielle Guimbalista & Sophia Graack

Photo Editors – Bea Kuhn & Trent Grempler

Design Editor – Tony Pavlik

Managing Editor – Jack Williams

Reference Editor – Grace DeGuire and Claire Eiler

Index Editor – Grace Whitener

Marketing & Social Media Team – Katie Hertel, Autumn Heaton and Natalie Deterding


Adviser – Carrie Rapp

How to contact us:
Lindbergh High School, Spirit Yearbook
Attention: Carrie Rapp
5000 South Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63126
314-729-2400 ext. 1129

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Spirit Yearbook