Athlete Spotlight: Doug Tate

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Athlete Spotlight: Doug Tate

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   Star Athlete: Doug Tate


Game Day begins with full focus and good music, eagerness to get onto the field starts behind the walls inside the locker room. Although pushing and yelling amongst the teammates seems dangerous, it’s what gets them ready. Doug Tate: Defensive Line and Wide Receiver, representing number 83, describes his team as a family. He explains that this team has grown very close over the years, making this year the closest one yet.


“I feel like our team chemistry has come a long way, compared to previous classes,” Doug Tate (12) said.


Doug began playing football freshman year and he was able to experience how it feels to be a newcomer. Now being a senior, the advice he gained is being passed down to his younger teammates. Although some games are tougher than others, Doug’s goal for this years team is to come out with a positive season.


“We really deserve, with all our hard work, a winning season” Tate said. .


             The bond between these hardworking players did not form within days; the motivation is what keeps them together. Stepping onto the field begins with pats on the back and aggressive head nods. Getting lined up and waiting for the whistle, mental motivational thoughts are flowing.


“It’s just kind of a zone that you have, you don’t let anyone talk to you, it’s a really big focus” Doug Tate (12) said.


Positive thoughts are key and the constant reminder that the teammates have each others backs gets them through the game. Nothing compares to the feeling of getting a good hit. It is a sense of accomplishment and a great adrenaline rush.


“It is basically what I live for” Doug Tate (12) said.
The form of brotherhood created within the players and coaches, that are there for the boys on and off the field, makes all the effort worth it. At the end of the day, no matter the score, their bond will never be broken.

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