Athlete Spotlight: Kate Vlaich

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Athlete Spotlight: Kate Vlaich

Matty Moore, Staff Writer

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As a sophomore on the Varsity volleyball team, life on the court is looked at from a different perspective. Being one of the younger players, it is not easy becoming close to everyone. High school sports teams are filled with cliques which makes it difficult to fit in. Kate Vlaich (10, #3) takes on the game playing back row. Her desire to play volleyball began when attending her brothers matches. This motivated her to try out and with determination and hard work, she made the team. Getting ready for the game, a strong focus helps the players get mentally prepared.

“Before every game, we all get together in a circle and discuss what needs to be done and what our strategies are,” Vlaich said.

The players in the back row, always gets the first hit. It’s important to keep eyes on the ball, ready feet, and steady hands. Once the ball is hit, it’s her job to deliver it to the setter to complete the play. It takes a team effort to keep the ball off the ground and successfully over the net. Having a bond between the players increases the chance of winning the game. Creating friendships among the team is helpful for the teammates on and off the court.

“I’m new to varsity, so I’m not as close to everyone,” Vlaich said.

Team bonding is a strategy to help build strong relationships between the girls. This game plan helps improve team skills, define goals, and identifies the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Being an underclassman on a team where the majority are upperclassmen, it can be difficult to get close to every teammate. Although it is important as an individual to manage your own success, working as a team can help players overcome obstacles. Throughout the season, the girls soon discover what their strengths and weaknesses are.

“If I needed to work on anything, it would probably be hitting,” Vlaich said.
Setting goals and working to achieve them is the path to any player’s success. Creating a strong bond within the players, helps win games and get through the loss’s. Working on the weaknesses reveals that the teammates take what they do very seriously. It is a challenge to work on one’s self but it is an even bigger task working as a team to accomplish a goal. It takes confidence not only as an individual but as a team.

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