Sports Updates

Adam Usry, Staff Writer

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Varsity, JV, and Freshman Football: These past three games have been tough for varsity since we lost the previous few games, but we look forward to seeing a win! For JV although we had lost the past two games, we anticipate a win. For freshman football, our first game we were defeated though we won against Pattonville, 19-7 on the 31st.

     Varsity Ladies Tennis:  With a win record of five and eight, the Varsity team has had a spectacular start to the year. Our latest game on the fourth, was a great win against Ladue with a score of 7-2! Although we had three losses, the team altogether has gathered five wins so far!

     Golf: With an amazing start to the season, the golf team brought in two wins (197-177 against Eureka, and 200-185 against Lafayette) already, with one loss against Parkway South.

      Varsity and JV Softball: With a start of five and nine, Varsity was coming on strong with a streak of three, until we were defeated by Owasso. On the other hand, JV has unfortunately taken two losses to Webster and Oakville.

      Varsity and JV Soccer: Yet another magnificent beginning to the season, with a record of three and five the Varsity Soccer team is crushing opponents, especially in their most recent victory against Marquette with a three to one win. In JV, they were also in a three game winning streak making the record of four to one with one tie.

      Varsity, JV, and Freshman Volleyball: Varsity and JV are bound to recover each of their losses from this year, over the start of the season, on the other hand, Freshman Volleyball has been dominating their opponents with victories every match!

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