Why do people get so emotional about sports?

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Why do people get so emotional about sports?

Julia Collins, Staff Writer

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The time buzzer rings, cheering is coming from fans on the other side of the stands. “NO! That wasn’t a fair call!”, says your dad in all fan gear. You now know that you shouldn’t mess with dad; his favorite team just lost the game.  Have you ever wondered why sports lovers get in bad moods after their team loses a game? People from this outside sports loving world tend to not understand the reason for such dramatic emotions.


“I don’t understand why people get so emotional about sports, it just a game,” Emily Bushway (11) said.  


While others find these actions unnecessary, some find reasoning behind it.


“When a referee makes a bad call that loses the game for your team, it can really drag your day down because you see your team put in all that effort,” Spencer Levi (11)  said.  


Sports fans follow their teams all year long, so watching their team lose continuously can seem like a waste of time.   

“Losing a game can make me upset or frustrated because I wait a whole week just to watch them lose. It’s just like waiting a week for a show’s next episode, only for it to suck,” Max Atzemis (11) said.


Like shows, sports can be seen the same way. Whether we don’t like how a show turned out to be, or what calls the referee made, it still makes us disappointed to see.


It is said that sport fans see their favorite team like their own family. They watch every game to support their team, like a family member. The reason why sport lovers get emotional about sports is because they been following their favorite team for years; watching them lose can hit fans as hard as it hits the team. Passion for a team is seen through the fans reactions. Whether it’s cheering or yelling, it goes to show the fans love for the game.  

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